Thermal insulation and waterproofing systems with polyurethane foam & polyurea are the latest technological development in the insulation industry.

They are systems consisting of 2-component materials that, through a special processing and spraying unit, create a single coating surface with many different properties depending on the mixing materials. The result can be from thermal insulation foam to elastic sealing membrane.

Their uses are unlimited and they can be applied to any surface, even for the most difficult and demanding applications. They dry in seconds.


  • Thermal insulation and waterproofing in one application
  • Perfect adhesion to the applied surface
  • Speed ​​of application, large surfaces are covered in a short time.
  • Long service life with zero maintenance
  • Applied on vertical surfaces and upside down
  • Applied winter – summer
  • Minimizes failures as there are no joints and joints
  • Resistance to loads. Does not crack
  • Resistance to very low/high temperatures
  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions