Welcome to felizol.com – the pioneering manufacturer of 3D Styrofoam statues, columns and buildings!

What makes us special? felizol.com combines the advanced technology of 3D printing with our reliability and experience in the field of manufacturing. Result; High quality products with incredible detail and realism that will impress you and your customers.

We undertake the manufacture of 3D models of statues, columns and buildings with styrofoam in any desired size and design. Whether it’s a small unit, or an impressive commercial building, we can make it happen with precision and reliability. Discover the world of felizol.com and give your projects a new dimension.

Felizol - Καινοτόμες Λύσεις με Διογκωμένη Πολυστερίνη

If you are a professional in the field of architecture, design, aesthetics or the general professional space, felizol.com is here to offer you a unique opportunity to upgrade the way you present your projects.

In addition to the high quality and aesthetics of our products, we are also committed to the speed and accuracy of our deliveries. We understand the importance of your deadlines and work hard to fulfill your needs on time.

Felizol - Καινοτόμες Λύσεις με Διογκωμένη Πολυστερίνη
Felizol - Καινοτόμες Λύσεις με Διογκωμένη Πολυστερίνη

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